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Elvira, Sanna, Misse 

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Date:  06.Nov 2016

Team Catsuit POV

Duration: 26:23 min

Wouldn’t you like to be treated by Swedish Sanna with her gigantic boobs and Danish Misse with the naughty wink in her eye? If so, this video is for you!

Have you ever done it with two girls before, Swedish Sanna asks cheeky as soon as the video starts? Both she and Misse is already extremely horny and up for some intense sexual adventure in their tight open crotch catsuits. And fortunately, they don’t have to wait long before a volunteer enters to take the apparently excessive pressure that has built up in the two beautiful girls.

The action begins instantly in this dripping wet POV movie. For both Sanna Rough and Misse Jensen knows making dicks happy. The stiff boner gets sucked passionately and is taken care of by the wet and willing pussies of the very horny girls.
This is dream therapy for the hard cock. It has a hard time to hide its excitement over the lavish attention from the two very curious and sassy chicks.

And what girls! Swedish Sanna’s huge breasts moves gently up and down with every movement she makes and Misse can do things for a cock with both her ends...

Misse Jensen, Sanna Rough & Dean

Doktor Jones, Elvira Friis & Don LP

Editing & grade:
Doktor Jones

Post sound:
Peter Nørgaard

Elvira Friis