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Date:  19. Mar 2019

Sybian Revisited

Duration: 10:55 min

It's been a long time since naughty Misse made her first Sybian machine movie and since this is the ultimate vibrator, we both thought it was time for a new ride.
For the occasion, I got a new machine attachment that Misse sit her pretty bum on. It is a kinky purple thing with wavy grooves that matches perfectly with Misses girdle.

Misse crouches down on the machine and lets the little, purple rubber dick slide slowly inside her until her clit hits the soft grooves. She turns on the engine and enjoys the deep vibrations of her abdomen. Misse loses the bra and now the machine gets full throttle!
Mist turns up and up the intensity until the throttle is completely down. Watch and experience beautiful Misse screaming and sweating in lust as the Sybian machine satisfies her pussy.

Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones & Elvira Friis

Editing & Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis