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Date:  13. Jan 2020

Shaving Frejas Fanny

Duration: 13:15 min

Young, fruity Freja gets a little help from her husband, shaving her pussy, in this wet POV scene. Enjoy her beautiful body, from the moment she jumps into the shower, turns on the water and massages the soft soap foam onto her perfect, natural breasts and her tight little booty.

She grabs her cute, purple shaver, takes a few pumps of shaving foam in her hand, rubs it all over her slender legs and starts shaving them till they are silky smooth. Now it’s time for the pussy!

“Honeeey? Can i help you with that?” Neptun asks.

Freja is certain that she can do this herself! But Neptun just REALLY wants to try and after a few begging words she lets him…

...and maybe that was not such a bad idea, ‘cause he’s quite good at it!

Watch as the dazzling, Danish porn couple makes Freja’s fanny smooth, soft and ready to fuck!

Freja Koch & Neptun

Sorte Slyngel & Athena Bense

Editing & makeup
Athena Bense

Grade: Doktor Jones

Location: Hos Freja & Neptun

Producer: Elvira Friis