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Date:  23. Dec 2019

Saucy Santa

Duration: 25:08 min

Santa is having an open house so all the good children can come in and tell him what they wish for Christmas, but it seems that the older girls get more time than the other kids.

It's Freja's turn to sit on Santa's lap. She has grown into a big girl and has dressed up nicely, with pink corsage and high stilettos.
The old Santa rejoices at how big and pretty Freja has become and asks what she wants for Christmas. Freja wants a pony and that is one of the bigger wishes, so Santa must make sure she has been extra well behaved this year.

Freja gets to taste Santa's sweet candy cane and she gets it from behind and in missionary until Santa is quite content that she deserves her pony.

Freja Koch & Neptun

Photography: Doktor Jones

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis