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Elvira, Sanna, Misse 

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Date:  01.May 2016

Satisfying Yoga Class

Duration: 40:33 min

Sassy Misse has taken along her friend Bredo to join a yoga class he won't soon forget at instructor Sannas studio. The two slim brunettes are both dressed in skin-tight lycrasweat suits, which brings out the sexy curves while they do the demanding exercises. Bredo is getting a steamy hot view when Sanna the bombshell is instructing Misse in the more demanding parts of the yoga positions and starts to touch her more intimately. She quickly gets her tight hot pants off and the heat is rising at the gym.

The daring Sanna is licking Misses sensitive clit and the else so innocent girl next door Misse quickly drags of her bra. She also drags Sanna’s bra off and this starts a hot lesbian kissing scene with they play with each other. They want to feel a big, hard cock and their attention falls upon their male participant. They pull his clothing off like two sex-hungering wildcats and starts to suck his already hard cock. They both get banged in doggy style, riding position and both on the bed, floor and on a yoga ball.

Sanna Rough, Misse Jensen & Bredo

Doktor Jones, Elvira Friis & Don LP

Cut & grading:
Doktor Jones

Post sound:
Peter Nørgaard

Elvira Friis