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Elvira, Sanna, Misse 

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Date:  29.May 2016

Sanna vs Stronic

Duration: 9:21 min

Naughty Swedish Sanna is a big-breasted babe with tight curves and rich lips. She is dressed in sexy black underwear, stockings with dots on and high heals. Sanna has a new toy that she loves to suck on, play with and masturbate with. It' a pink StronicEins pulsator that hits just the right spot while she massages her clit with another small vibrator. The whole thing ends in a tickling, intense and beyond satisfying orgasm.

Sanna Rough

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Cut: Don LP

Grading: Doktor Jones

Post sound: Peter Nørgaard

Producer: Elvira Friis