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Date:  29.Mar 2023

Punishment of Misse

Duration: 27:17 min

Voluntarily, Naughty Misse has come to visit naughty Domina Dark to explore her compliance side.
Misse has is wearing a lovely white dress and black stilettos. The domina is in black leather.

Misse is put on her knees and the domina slaps and spits Misse in the face and pets her gently. The domina chains Misse by the hands and feet, and straps Misse up so that she stands completely naked in an X. Misse gets a few tight squeezes on her sensitive nipples and Domina Dark torments her, among other things by shocking her pussy with electricity!
Misse is released from the chains and placed in a gynecologist's chair. Wearing a pair of black latex gloves, the dominatrix Misse finger-fucks and finds a very thick, transparent dildo, which she stuffs up Misses vagina.
As the dominatrix orders, Misse masturbates with the big rubber cock while she gets her delicate inner thighs spanked.
Finally, the dominatrix turns Misse around and gives her a hard round of spanking with a black pladdle, until Misse's butt is completely red!

Misse Jensen & Domina Dark

Doktor Jones and more

Location: Domina Dark’s place

Producer: Elvira Friis