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Date:  17.Feb 2023

Pulsating Prick

Duration: 15:45 min

Watch as the wet Misse takes a ride with the advanced dildo, Master Ben.

You may have seen the dildo before, in the company of the hot Laura, but now it's naughty Misse's turn to ride him.
She looks sexy with loose hair, fishnet stockings, a tight pink corset but no panties.

Master Ben gets a wet sucking and Misse investigates the naughty features of the cock. With the suction cup stuck on the floor, Misse lets it penetrate her shaved pussy, where it rides nicely back and forth.
She tries the functions in slightly different positions and satisfies herself with the naughty toy ;)

Misse Jensen

Photography, editin & grade:
Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis