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Elvira, Sanna, Misse 

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Date:  21.Aug 2016

Naughty Bouncing

Duration: 18:55 min

For the first time i present both my naughty inflatable Sit 'N' Bounce, cock-balls in action at the same time!
It’s two big bouncy balls with a built-in dildo, which are way more fun than regular bouncing balls.
Swedish Sanna and Danish Misse explore the balls curiously and jumps more and more hornily while they touch themselves and each other.
The girls are very consumed with the bouncing balls and they end up jumping themselves into some very nice orgasms.

Sanna Rough & Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones, Elvira Friis & Don LP

Cut & grading: Doktor Jones

Sound and music: Peter Nørgaard

Producer: Elvira Friis