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Date:  17.Oct 2018

Monster Wand

Duration: 14:41 min

Sometimes it just can’t get big enough - that is, the vibrator ... Here I have equipped Swedish Sanna with the biggest vibrating magic wand I could find. A so-called Wanachi, a wand vibrator, copied from the original Hitachi Magic wand, just in oversize.

Naughty Sanna has made pigtails out of her African braids and recently enlarged already, huge knockers so they can hardly fit in her bikini. On her feet she has my white smurfette stilettos and long white tube socks.

Watch as big booped Sanna plays with the big machine and enjoy the vibrations while helping with her fingers ...

Sanna Rough

Doctor Jones & Don LP

Editing: Elvira Friis

Grade: Doctor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis