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Date:  02.Feb 2023

Messy Kitty cat

Duration: 26:10 min

Here is a dirty masturbation video I bought from Kinky Kitty.
She's gone to the attic again, where Kitty often does naughty things. On her head she has a pair of cheeky pink cat ears. She is in towering stilettos, fishnet stockings and a tight black shiny outfit. In her bum, there is a pretty butt plug.

The Kitty has a bowl of cream with which she slurps, gargles and lets it run down her hot body. There are strawberries for the cream, which she eats and smears herself into.

Kitty loses the panties and her adorable vulva is smeared with cream and she stuffs crushed strawberries up her pussy. She removes her buttplug, as the butthole must also have strawberries.

Kitty has brought a couple of rather large dildos, which she greedily sucks and sticks into her greasy pussy. She tries to get a dildo up her butt but it's too big, so she satisfies herself with a stick vibrator on her clit, a big dildo in her pussy and a greasy strawberry finger in her butt hole.

What a greedy little kitty-cat ;)

Model & producer:
Kitty Tenebris