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Date:  9. Dec 2021

Masturbation at the office

Duration: 18:56 min

The office work bores naughty Misse tremendously today.
She sits alone at the computer, dressed in a neat business suit, updo hair, tights and stilettos but of course no panties.

Fortunately, Misse has brought some entertainment to work. In her bag she finds a pretty black dildo and a gold diamond shaped vibrator.
She tears a suitable hole in the tights and starts playing with her pussy. Misse crawls up on the desk and rides the black rubber cock while she massages her clit with the vibrator, and she doesnt stop until she is completely satisfied :)

Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones, Elvira Friis & Sorte Slyngel

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis

Location: Virum, Denmark