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Date:  21.Mar 2023

Magic Vamps

Duration: 21:04 min

The 2 Danish porn friends, Misse and Kitty, brought some toys to bed today.
Kitty is wearing a pink bodystocking and Misse is in gray. They match adorable to the bedding and also to the 2 powerful wand vibrators that they come with.

The babes kiss and touch each other curiously. Kitty is the first to have her pussy vibrated. With Kitty's ass in the air, Misse lets the vibrator tickle Kitty's shaved pussy. She unbuttons Kitty at the bottom and gives her a nice ride.
It's Misses turn now. Lying on her back, she lets Kitty stimulate her wet vulva until she squirts.
The girls play on and lie close together while they each masturbate until they are both completely satisfied ;)
Misse Jensen & Kitty Tenebris

Doktor Jones & Paw

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis