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Date:  21. Dec 2020

Kitty's Christmas Treats

Duration: 17:33 min

It's Christmas again and delicious Danish Kitty invites a fun show in the cosy couch.

Naughty gifts are hidden in the Christmas tree. Kitty quickly finds a purple dildo vibrator with a big head. It feels good in her pussy but soon she pulls it out with a swipe because she wants more presents.
She finds a big, black Big Boss, vibrating rubber cock. Kitty tried this model before and she is enjoying the big cock inside her.

The next toy on the program is a pink, pretty 2 split vibrator with one end for Kitty's punani and another for the clit. It is nice but there is also a cool glass tounge which looks a bit like an octopus arm, with a stimulating ribbed surface. Watch and see which horny toy Kitty chooses for making her cum. Merry Christmas everybody!

Kitty tenebris

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Editing og grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis