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Date:  30.Jul 2018

Gun masturbation

Duration: 10:46 min

Watch Kitty's very first masturbation movie on this site.
Kitty is a weapon fetishist, which means she likes and gets turned on by firearms and knives. She has brought her Desert Eagle .50 gun replica. It's a big motherfucker, which (if it were real) shoots with huge projectiles of .50 inches in diameter, but today it will be used differently.

The powerful shooter is lying ready in the porn couch and Kitty, dressed in black lacquer and fishnet stockings slowly crawl towards the gøb.
She caresses the weapon gently, sucks it as if it were a cock and drives it up and down between her boobs. She opens her tight lacquer shorts and begins to caress her pussy with her fingers while licking the gun.
Kitty wats to feel the cold steel against her steaming hot pussy and stick the gøb down there. This seems to please the model and she rubs the weapon against the punani until she comes…

Kitty Tenebris

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis