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Date:  10. Mar 2021

Freya gets persuaded

Duration: 18:08 min

Hot little Freja relaxes with a joint and a fun movie on her laptop. Quite normal for her, she is dressed in a bottomless catsuit.

Freja's husband, Neptune, is also at home and gets quite excited by looking at his wife's naked and shaved pussy. He is neither interested in the joint nor film.
Freya is not really in the mood and wants to watch her movie in peace but Neptune does not give up. Soon she has a curious finger in her pussy and Neptune is most graciously allowed to fuck his wife, while she watches the rest of the movie.

Freja Koch & Neptun

Sorte Slyngel & Athena Benze

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Mua: Athena Benze

Producer: Elvira Friis