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Date:  24. Oct 2019

Frejas fitness fuck

Duration: 20:23 min

Danish porn’s young and feisty Freja is in the middle of her pilates warm-up when Neptun comes along offering to help her.

“You can hold my legs,'' she tells him. But after a short while he offers to hold her head instead and sneaky Freja doesn’t go against that offer. She knows that it means his hard cock is going to be right next to her pretty face and she’ll get a close, sneaky peek of that boner!

Neptun sees her peeking and lets her know she is allowed to if she cares!

She doesn’t want to touch, she wants to taste. And Neptun can’t say no to a naughty hottie like that!
He does everything he can to satisfy her tight pussy in all the kinkiest positions and Freja enjoys riding his hard cock on the soft yoga mat.

Oh workouts are just a lot more fun with a stiffie to play with!

Freja & Neptun

Doktor Jones

Editing: Elvira Friis

Location: Frederiksberg

Producer: Elvira Friis