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Date:  25.Oct 2021

Cute little Kitty

Duration: 18:25 min

Welcome to my naughty playroom where kinky Kitty gives a horny lolita show.

Kitty has got naughty pigtails in her hair and is wearing pink stockings and there are lots of sweets and toys for her to enjoy.
She is having a great time with teddy bears and candy, and soon finds a pink dildo vibrator that I have prepared for her. The vibrations feels good on Kitty's shaved punani, so the panties come off for better stimulation.
Playful kitty finds a lollipop that also gets to be inside her pussy. She shows her toe sucking skills and masturbates herself to a nice orgasm on top of the teddy bears :)

Kitty tenebris

Doktor Jones, Sorte Slyngel and Nikon guy

Editing og grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis