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Sassy Laura has caught a fresh guy. She has stripped him naked and pulls him into her love nest ..



Laura's POV Blowjob

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Date:  3. Dec 2019

Bunny Fuck

Duration: 22:50 min

Lovely Laura is a naughty little rabbit in this hot scene pet play scene.
She wags her white, fluffy rabbit-tail as she finds her favorite snack served for her and tastes the crunchy carrots. That must be her picky pussy’s favorite sound! A big, fresh, hard carrot. And no carrot is properly tested until her pussy has tasted it too!

Can it be fucked? Then it’s approved!

The Danish porn beauty is right in the middle of licking, fucking and playing with her snacks when a lucky guy finds the naughty rabbit. And he definitely has something that she wants to taste too!
After tasting his warm tool, she much rather wants to play with that! But first she must suck him hard and ready to be able to cheerfully bounce up and down on his hard cock...

...what a bad, bad bunny!

Laura & Nick

Doktor Jones & Paw

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Makeup: Athena Bense

Producent: Elvira Friis