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Date:  18.Sep 2022

Bootylicious Kitty

Duration: 18:04 min

Get up close to hot Kitty's perky butt as she plays lasciviously with herself.
She is dressed adorable for the occasion, in a tight black corsage, self-fitting retro tights and a little fur jacket. She unbuttons the bottom to reveal a heart-shaped diamond buttplug sitting up in her tight butthole.

For her pleasure, Kitty has a large glass dildo with different shapes and sizes at the ends. She licks it and soon it slides back and forth in her wet pussy.
Kitty pulls out the buttplug and carefully lets the small end of the dildo penetrate her ass. It looks delicious, but do you also think she can fit the big end up there?

Kitty Tenebris

Photography, editing & grade:
Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis