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Date:  14.Oct 2020

Anal Blonde

Duration: 18:40 min

Meet naughty Kitty's blonde alter ego: The always anal fixated Cherry Blonde.
Cherry is today wearing a tight red bodystocking and towering, black stilettos.

With her butt well filled, she pleases her pussy with the dildo but the other things must of course also be tried anal. Slowly she pulls out the gold plug and her ass gives a small flick when it releases.
The inflatable plug slides more easily into her enlarged anus. Cherry likes inflating it while it's up inside her and she enjoys the tight feeling.
The black dildo is up. She crouches on it and lets it slide back and forth in her asshole.
In the end it's the pussyss turn, and with her ass full of gold she masturbates to a nice orgasm :)

Model: Kitty Tenebris

Photography and editing:
Sorte Slyngel

Kitty Tenebris