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Date:  08.May 2022

2 Balloon Babes

Duration: 21:22 min

Welcome to the playground where the naughty girls, Misse and Kitty do kinky balloon fetish. Wearing tight bikinis and hefty makeup, they crawl around and enjoy the feeling of soft balloons against their half-naked bodies.

Misse tries to inflate balloons inside Kitty's pussy which is too tight, but it looks sexy.
Alternately, they crouches on some big balloons and rub their pussies against the rubber. They play with each other's bodies and masturbate among the soft balloons. It’s quite the party and a few balloons pop in the process.

Misse Jensen & Kitty Tenebris

Doktor Jones, Don LP & Athena Bense

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis