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Date:  23. Jul 2017

Wet Vegan Picnic

Duration: 13:19 min

Maddie brought a selection of masturbation suitable vegetables for her picnic in the woods.
She is wearing a pair of beautiful blue blonde pantyhose that emphasize her long legs. Maddie has five naughty vegetables for her picnic; A Chinese radish, carrot, cucumber, squash and eggplant. With a sharp knife she peels the tip of the Chinese radish, then she cuts open the blue pantyhose to access her pussy.

The slender Maddie attacks the many vegetables, and she fucks them all. She tries different positions to see what works best while her wet pussy squirts happily.

Maddie Nielsen

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing: Don LP

Grade: Doktor Jones

Location: Furesø

Producer: Elvira friis