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Date:  1. Oct 2017

Wedding Day

Duration: 15:39 min

It is Sannas wedding day but it doestn’t go completely according to plan. She has caught her future husband in the process of fucking her good friend on the wedding day!
Understandably, the naughty Swede is terribly hurt and sits for herself with a smoke and a glass of champagne.

Carlos comes by and tries to comfort the poor Sanna as best he can.
Quickly Sannas appetite is back. She grabs Carlos's dick and then things are moving fast. She sucks him all the way and can not get out of the tight wedding dress fast enough

It's Carlos's very first porno scene and our new Amager-boy is doing very well.

Sanna Rough & Carlos

Doktor Jones & Sorte Slyngel

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis