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Date:  18. Dec 2016

Santas Helper

Duration: 24:02 min

Christmas Night is coming. We hope you're as excited as us to see what kind of presents Santa Claus is bringing this year. In the meantime, here is an early gift for you to enjoy, a sexy Xmas Video, where Misse the Christmas elf girl takes good care of the tired Santa, Samson.

So much cold and snow and places one has been. Being Santa is not easy. In this video, the white bearded man comes home from the longest work-day of the year, he groans and moans and coughs from weary. Fortunately, with the ring of a small bell, he can call Misse the hot Christmas elf, who immediately brings him a smile and a drink, wearing only sexy red lingerie, high heels and an elf hat.

"There is so much stress," Santa complains, but not long. The elf girl starts rubbing his sore shoulders and feet, takes his pants off and gives him a nice and juicy Xmas blowjob. The mood gets better. Santa regains his strength and gives Misse his big, fat candy cane, until she moans with delight. This is the beginning of a glorious Xmas fucking, and you will see why Xmas is merry - it is indeed in this video.

Misse Jensen & Samson

Doktor Jones, Elvira Friis & Don LP

Editing: Don LP

Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis