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Date:  20. Aug 2017

Sannas slave boy

Duration: 18:01 min

Swedish bombshell Sanna is into everything naughty. Especially when it comes to the kinky stuff. Watch a Sanna shows how she can dominate a real man so he will truly submit to her as a Dominatrix. Make him please her as a Goddess and crawl in front of her feet but also use his slave-cock whenever she wants. And for whatever she wants. That is what is called femdom. Welcome to Sannas lustful universe for submissive men.
The saucy domatrix is dressed in a black uniform style dress, which lets you see her trimmed body, stockings, long leather gloves, plateau stilettos and she holds the slave in a leather collar with a black leash. She drags the slave boy into the white porn couch and pulls him over, so she can start to tease him by sucking and licking his hungry cock.
The sinful domina Sanna lets the slave taste the forbidden fruit and lets him fuck her wet, tight pussy as she pleases. She has the power, even when he’s lying flat on the couch licking her pussy while she spanks his ass.

Sanna Rough & Robin

Doktor Jones & Sorte Slyngel

Editing & Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis