. Elvira

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Date:  17. Dec 2017

Sanna vs Machine

Duration: 16:27 min

It’s sexy Sannas turn to try my merciless fucking machine. As usual it takes place in my kinky fitness studio and Sanna is wearing naughty Toesox and tight spandex clothes that kan barely contain Sannas enormous tits.

Sanna sits on all four to see if the machine is set correctly in height. Then she takes off her clothes and backs up towards the machine's dildo so it pushes all the way inside her.
Sanna turns on the device and the fun begins. The lucky machine gets to take her both from behind and in missionary, faster and faster.


Doktor Jones & Sorte Slyngel

Editing: Don LP

Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis

Machine supplied by sexshop.dk