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Misse in red

Naughty, Danish Misse Jensen has fun on the porn couch with the “Bouncer” dildo from the sextoy ..



Preggy Misse

Naughty Misse Jensen shows her beautiful pregnant belly as she pours oil down her lush body. We ..


Date:  2. Sep 2018

Playing in public

Duration: 13:09 min

It's one of the first warm days of the year and naughty Misse Jensen is meeting her friend in a nature park to get tanned on the body and gossiping.
Misse is as usual well dressed in a pink baby doll and no panties.
She has already spread out the rug as she finds that her friend has forgotten Misse and is delayed.
Annoying but Misse doesn't waste her time. She picks up a pretty, pink glass dildo from her handbag, a so-called icicle, which looks a bit of an octopus arm.
She looks around to make sure that no one is around and immediately begins to play with herself.

The birds tweet and the clouds drift silently while the glass dildo slips in and out of Miss's shaved pussy and she almost forgets she's not alone…

Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Location: Amager fælled, Copenhagen

Producer: Elvira Friis