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Date:  25. Sep 2018

Pain and Pleasure

Duration: 12:12 min

Copenhagen girl Kitty is in a kinky mood and you are invited in the bed for some masturbation, light spanking and tight nipple clamps.

Kitty is wearing a tight black dress with lacquer and fishnet. She crawls up in bed with one of her best whips, a so-called flogger.
She whips herself over her back and inner thighs so the skin turns pink and warm.

She takes off her bra and a pair of nipple clamps that are connected by a chain appears. Kitty slowly puts the tight clamps on her sensitive nipples and draws them quickly with a gasp.
She puts a little black vibrator on her pussy and enjoys the vibrations while she is tortures herself with whipping and clamps…

Model: Kitty tenebris

Doktor jones

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis