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Date:  27. Aug 2018

Out on town without panties

Duration: 18:25 min

Sanna is a bad girl who goes out without panties and forgets to call the boyfriend. She has come home from the club and has passed out in bed. Carlos comes home, worried and frustrated.
He scolds Sanna because he feels that he can’t trust her.
Sanna is tired of the nagging and knows how she gets her man to shut up. She takes Carlos's cock in her mouth, sucks it thoroughly and gags on the dick so it reaches the back of her throat.

The mouth treatment makes Carlos in a much better mood and he completely forgets the frustrations. Sanna sits her perky ass over his stiff cock and things heat up...

Sanna Rough & Carlos

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Location: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Producer: Elvira Friis