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Date:  18. Jan 2018

Naughty Messy Fun

Duration: 19:30 min

I invited naughty Laura to the studio for some kinky masturbation and whipped cream. She is wearing a tight and lolita-like dress with strawberry pattern. Some treats has been prepared for her. A bubbly bottle of cava, a can of whipped cream, a delicious strawberry pie and a transparent dildo.

Laura tastes the cake with her fingers. It is good but lacks cream so she adds some from the spray can. Laura is a little pig and smears whipped cream over her breasts and the bubbly runs down her body when she drinks.
Laura grabs the dildo and crouches down it while she eats and drinks.
The rubber cock also gets whipped cream and Laura licks it perfectly clean with her soothing mouth…


Elvira Friis, Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing: Don LP

Producer: Elvira Friis

Location: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen