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Date:  10. Sep 2017

Misse vs the Beast

Duration: 22:20 min

Cheeky Misse Jensen has been given a naughty assignment.
She's going to test a new guy I've found so we can see if he's a suitable porn stud. He calls himself The Beast and is a big guy from Aalborg.

Misse is wearing nothing but a pair of stay-up stockings and a little blue nightgown.
She calls in the stud in so she can try him and his big cock out. The Beast enters and Misse takes him under loving treatment so he's hard and ready for a cowgirl. Lively Misse sits down on the hard cock and things speed up.
Watch and find learn the beast is able to satisfy the hungry Misse.

Misse Jensen & The Beast

Doktor Jones, Elvira Friis & Don LP

Editing: Don LP

Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis