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Anal Challenges

Naughty Misse is a skilled anal princess and is always up for a challenge. Here you can see how ..



Misse in red

Naughty, Danish Misse Jensen has fun on the porn couch with the “Bouncer” dildo from the sextoy ..


Date:  28. Jan 2018

Misse in the woods

Duration: 16:58 min

Naughty Misse is taking a walk in the woods to experience nature and tan her body a little. She is as usual well dressed in high stilettos and a tight, shiny dress that doesn’t leave much for the imagination.
The weather is beautiful and the birds are singing happily. Unfortunately, we are in Kongelunden, which is right next to Copenhagen Airport and the flights start every 3 minutes and breaks the tranquility a little.

Misse has found a tree trunk in a clearing in the forest and has her red / white striped dildo, ready for fun. She takes off her g strings and stuffs them up in her pussy and then pulls them out gently again. It’s time for masturbation and she masturbates right in the middle of the forest ...


Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing: Don LP

Location: Kongelunden, Copenhagen

Producer: Elvira Friis