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Date:  6. Aug 2018

Masturbation assistance

Duration: 16:54 min

Voluptuous Laura lies on the couch, she is very horny and in need of an orgasm. For her assistance i called for the good Porno-Lasse, who will help her to ecstasy with his experienced hands.

Today dressed in lingerie and long black boots. She plays a bit with herself but needs immediate assistance. Lasse's keen hands appears immediately and he begins to play with Laura's pussy while he quietly moans in pleasure even though we have asked him to be quiet.

Lasse has been equipped with the JimmyJane - Form 2, a powerful vibrator with rabbit ears, a pair of quality dildos and a 220 volt massage wand.
He massages Laura's wet pussy to the best of his ability, with fingers and toys, and does not stop until she is completely satisfied...

Laura & Porno-Lasse

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing & Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis