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Date:  7. Jan 2018

Lasse and the ladies

Duration: 22:41 min

It’s an oldie but goodie from the Swedish DVD production Dejten (The Date) AKA Swedish Meatballs from 2009.
In addition to Danish Brianna and Porno-Lasse, Swedish Trinda Throng and Norske Isabel Vibe participate, so almost all of Scandinavia is represented in this scene.

In addition to sex, the film is a lot about meatballs, which is a tradition Sweden. Lasse and Vibe are at the pizzeria where saucy Brianna serves. Isabel is going to the bathroom and Brianna immediately seizes the opportunity and goes for lasse who lick her pussy on the cafe table. Isabel comes back and immediately joins the fun and start sucking Lasses cock under the table. The Naughty Trinda comes through the door and things get really hot!
Lucky Lasse fucks the 3 naughty ladies in turn, on the table and also gets to try out Trinda's tight butthole…

Brianna Dane, Isabel Vibe, Trinda Throng & Porno-Lasse

Location: Malmø, Sweden

Producer: ScanVIP