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Misse, Kitty 

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Date:  8. May 2019

Knife-play Kitty

Duration: 21:14 min

I’ve been lucky to get a wild homemade video of my naughty friend, Kitty. She smokes a cigarette with you as she teases her sweet little pussy with a sharp, dangerous golden folding knife. She’s wearing her cute cat ears and a transparent glitter top. Kitty loves feeling the cold blade of the knife through the tight, thin nylon stockings.

She cuts the stockings open, grabs a mokai-drink and lets the sharp knife slide down over her wet pussy. She’d wish there was a hard, warm cock around to play with, but she’ll have to settle for her big dildovibrator, but she has to be careful...her saucy pussy could get hurt. Spoil yourself with a kinky moment to untamed Kitty’s beautiful shapes and naughty fantasies and enjoy her hot orgasm. You’re welcome!

Model and photographer:
Kitty Tenebris

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