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Date:  27. May 2018

Inflatable buttplugs

Duration: 19:34 min

How much can be misses tight butthole expand? You probably already saw her take Samsons giant cock anally, but now the investigation gets even more thorough.

Naughty Misse is wearing bra, fishnet stockings, tall stilettos and nothing else. She jumps in the inflatable chair, ready for fun.
2 inflatable buttplugs is ready for her. A large, round red one and a black one that is a little more dick-shaped and can vibrate.

Misse starts with the red one that easily slips up her well-lubricated asshole. She presses the pump so the buttplug slowly inflates inside her ass. As the plug is fully pumped, she pulls it out slowly so that her asshole gets fully stretched out. Eventually it pops out, making a sweet sound.
Misse grabs the black vibrator plug, puts it all the way up and turns on the vibrations. It seems to be the red one that fits her best so sticks it in her butt again and plays with it while she stimulates her pussy with a little bullet vibrator.
Watch and learn! it will be fun ;)

Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing: Don LP

Grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis