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Date:  17. Jun 2019

Giant dildoes

Duration: 18:30 min

After almost two years of break, I'm finally back in front of the camera. I wearing my white Calvin Klein cotton underwear and found two of my biggest dildos. The smallest is 23 cm and the largest is 41 cm.

I was in doubt when I chose the dildos, if they could fit in my little tight pussy, they are really big: -O Without testing it before we filmed, I started, first with my long fingers, then with the smallest dildo and last with the big giant cock. The biggest was so heavy that my arm hurt and I had to use my foot at the end of the dildo to fuck myself harder and faster. It was a very overwhelming sensation to be so full and get orgasms at the same time, but when I penetrated myself I had difficulty stopping again. I love a challenge so it is very much like me to do something I otherwise do not think I can, the giant cock gave a little bit of pain, but I like pain while being fucked.

I have been looking forward to sharing this video with you! <3 What do you think I should do in my next movie? Feel free to send wishes, you can do it here: (you must be logged in to the website to write)

How many orgasms did I get? Watch and count them :)

Model: Elvira Friis

Photo/grading: Doctor Jones

Edit: Elvira Friis

Producer: Elvira Friis