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Date:  24. Jun 2018

Fuck Doll

Duration: 13:44 min

Watch as Swedish Sanna Rough give our new male model Gary B a hard time in his very first and unfortunately also his last porn scene. Poor Gary is thrown around, mistreated and stabbed by bad, horny Sanna, whose only concern is her own satisfaction.

Handsome Gary B is made for sex! Full-bodied lips, marked chest muscles and a 30 centimeter cock, which is always rock hard and ready for action!
Sanna throws Gary into the bed and sucks his huge boner. She sits down over his dick so she can feel him all the way up inside her.
Gary gets fucked thoroughly while Sanna dominates him with slapping and anal humiliation until she's satisfied and has no need for Gary anymore ...

Sanna Rough & Gary B

Elvira Friis & Don LP

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis