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Date:  8. Jul 2018

EF Maddie 50Shades

Duration: 23:30 min

It's Dean's turn to be the dominant part. He waves Maddie into the porn sofa where he is sitting, ready with his riding whip. Maddie is wearing long, black, high heeled boots and sexy lingerie. She is well behaved so she does what she is told and crawls up at the lap of her master.

Dean pulls her dress up so he can spank her bare ass with the whip. Maddie gets the clothes off and starts to suck his cock, the best she has can.
Dean wants to feel her inside and orders Maddie to sit on his big cock. She slides slowly down over him in a reverse doggy and rides his big fat cock.
Dean has brought a harness witch he puts on Maddie's throat and wrist so she is handcuffed on the back, and fucks her hard from behind ...

Maddie Nielsen og Dean

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis