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Date:  9. Sep 2018

Balloon masturbation

Duration: 15:04 min

The studio is filled with balloons and slender Maddie has come to play with them and play with her pussy. It's the first time she's doing balloon kink and Maddie is looking forward to having fun with them.

Maddie is dressed in a tight, shiny, purple bikini. She sits on a big yellow balloon. It's nice and soft so Maddie sinks all the way down to it. A big green zeppelin balloon also gets to feel Maddie's body when she sits over and rubs her body back and forth.

The bikini is removed so Maddie is completely naked and she finds a little little wand vibrator. Maddie stimulates her wet pussy with the vibrator while she makes love the naughty balloons. She sits, lays, hugs and rubs her slender body against the balloons as she masturbates to a nice orgasm.

Model: Maddie Nielsen

Doktor Jones, Sorte Slyngel & Nikonguy

Editing & Grade: Doctor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis