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Date:  25. Apr 2019

Bad stepmom

Duration: 22:02 min

It is not cool to live at home with your parents when you are almost a grown man, but it has its advantages. No rent and hot food every day, and in Carlos's case, a mega slutty Swedish stepmother with huge breasts, which is almost impossible not to look at when the hormones are raging.

Like any other young man, Carlos regularly masturbates in his room but today the timing is bad. He has asked his stepmom to bring his favorite candy home from the supermarket. She walks right into his room with the sweets and catches him doing his afternoon wank!

First, poor Carlos gets very embarrassed but Sanna is curious and decides to take the stepson's virginity on the spot! Carlos gets up quickly and starts playing with her giant boobs.
Sanna wants to make a good impression so she sucks Carlos cock and when he is ready, she quickly crouches down on sonny's cock and allows him to feel her wet pussy. Carlos does well for a beginner and soon the good boy gives his stepmom lovely orgasms…

Sanna Rough & Carlos

Photography: Doktor Jones

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis