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Misse, Kitty 

Strap-on Friends

Watch as naughty porn girls, Misse Jensen and Kitty Tenebris together for the very first time. ..



Misse in red

Naughty, Danish Misse Jensen has fun on the porn couch with the “Bouncer” dildo from the sextoy ..


Date:  11. Dec 2018

Anal Challenges

Duration: 21:12 min

Naughty Misse is a skilled anal princess and is always up for a challenge. Here you can see how much Misse can fit in her butthole when she stretches all she can!

On the porn couch I have put a selection of dildos in different sizes and shapes. Here are toys ranging from normal cock size and all up to my grotesque black giant dildo.

Misse starts out with the most natural willie in the collection. It easily slips into her lovely ass and she quickly moves on to a somewhat thicker pink dildo. It's a bit harder, but Misse can take it and it feels good to have it up there.
Now the time has come for the more extreme toys. Here are among other things a freaky dragon tail, a meaty giant half meter cock and a pair of hands gathered in prayer.
Watch and see - it gonna be a blast!

Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones & Sorte Slyngel
Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis