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Date:  28. May 2017

Age Play by Nicole

Duration: 25:57 min

I’ve invited the naugty lolita Nicole Brøggler into my playroom so she can play with my teddy bears and all my toys.
The sweet girl with the blonde hair is dressed in tight grey leggings and hooddie. She is eagerly exploring my colorful playroom and plays with both my dolls and stuffed bears.

Naughty Nicole Brøggler can't hold it in and pees in her leggings and all over my play mat. She lays in her leggings full of her own pee while she plays with my toys. She finds my naughtier ones. A couple of vibrators and an exciting striped dildo. The new toys are so exciting for the little girl with the braids, so she must try them.

How will the young Nicole Brøggler experience her first tingly thing on her beautiful, slim body? Enjoy Nicole on the screen experiencing age play and urine fetish for the first time. She pulls off her grey, soaking wet leggings so you can see her white transparent panties and her pink top. At last she will lay fully naked in front of you playing with vibrating toys.

Nicole Brøggler

Doktor Jones & Don LP

Editing & Grade:
Doktor Jones

Elvira Friis